MEDLaunch Background:

MEDLaunch is a non-profit, biomedical and entrepreneurship incubator partnering with Saint Louis University and other organizations in the Saint Louis area. The program is the product of collaborative efforts between SLU School of Medicine, John Cook School of Business, Parks College of Engineering, Aviation, and Technology, and SLU School of Law. As a part of MEDLaunch, participants work in multidisciplinary teams under the guidance of clinical and industry mentors to develop innovations in areas including (but not limited to) surgical devices, health information technology, and medical diagnostics.  The objectives of MEDLaunch are the following:

  1. To improve the standard of care within all fields of medicine.
  2. To provide students with the skills and experience necessary to grow successful businesses within the St. Louis entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  3. To promote and foster an environment of engineering and entrepreneurship within Saint Louis University.